Five tips and best practices for how to bash the beasts of Horn for iOS

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Tip number one: Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, search for "Horn" and buy the damn game already. It's a blast. It's an example for the arguably tired argument that iOS devices are capable of more complex, cinematic and--dare we say--compelling games. Now that you're knee deep in Pygite (you'll see) and colossal stone demons, here are five tips to help you give those Pygon a better taste of your steel.
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Stone Sleuthing

In order to give the stone baddies of Horn what for, you're going to need a ton of Pygite, the magical mineral resource used to create new weapons and upgrade existing ones. So, you best search every nook and cranny of the world for more Pygite (and cores) between battles with Pygon. You're bound to find blueprints to unlock even more powerful weapons to create at the forge.
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Five tips and best practices for how to bash the beasts of Horn for iOS

Fire and Brimstone

It's extremely important, especially in later stages of the game, that you forge new weapons and upgrade existing ones as often as possible. However, you might want to limit that to between missions: While you can forge new weapons anywhere at any time, you'll spend fewer resources while at the forge in the hub world of Cuthbert. And remember to pay attention to the stats on each item--they'll tell you whether an upgrade or new weapon is worth the resources.
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Do A Barrel Roll

No matter how strong your weapon is, you're only as skilled in combat as your ability to dodge and follow up with an attack. That's the crux of fighting in Horn: Waiting for the opponent to strike, roll-dodging left or right using the on-screen buttons, and swiping those fingers at the weak spot. Skilled dodging not only opens up enemy weak spots, it will keep you alive for longer.
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Anchors Away

You'd do good to master the grappling hook-type weapon in Horn sooner than later. Not only are there some combat portions of the game that require it, it's the key tool behind many puzzles. But most importantly, you'll often find cores and Pygite in the distance, just waiting to get snatched up by your grappling hook and spent on shiny new blades and baubles.
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Wield Your Weapon Well

The many types of weapons in Horn aren't just cosmetic "stat sticks," as RPG pros have dubbed them, based on the sword. The war hammers, for instance, have a much slower attack speed but generally strike for way more damage per hit than the sword. On the contrary, weapons like the sword are much faster, but usually hit for less damage per strike. It'd be smart to learn the various status effects of each weapon. Would you want a hammer with fire damage or an axe with extra health?

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