FarmVille Sculptor's Workshop: Everything you need to know

Just as the countdown feature has seemingly become a permanent offering in FarmVille, it looks like the "this or that" feature is also here to stay. First brought to the game in the form of items like the Charming Vineyard or Perfect Pet House, these sorts of items allow you to earn prizes by asking your friends opinions about your personality or actions. The next installment in this series is the Sculptor's Workshop, which will see you earning a large statue after making your way through six levels of upgrades.

In each pair, you can win one for free by earning four votes with the help of friends, and the other item can be purchased for Farm Cash. Make sure to ask your friends to vote for a particular option if you really want one prize more than another, and you'll save yourself plenty of Farm Cash along the way. Here's a look at the different pairs of prizes in this event, and the Farm Cash price for the other item.

Question 1:

  • Zebra Giraffe or S'More Tree

  • Options cost 12 Farm Cash

Question 2:

  • BBQ Gnome or Fruit Basket Gnome

  • Options cost 15 Farm Cash

Question 3:

  • Tennis Ball Retriever (dog) or Bird of Paradise (plant)

  • Options cost 16 Farm Cash

Question 4:

  • Crowns of Thorns Starfish or Bubble Tree

  • Options cost 18 Farm Cash

Question 5:

  • Juggler Monkey or Jungle Tree

  • Options cost 20 Farm Cash

Question 6:

  • Farmhand Flag or Arborist Flag

  • Options cost 16 Farm Cash

When you complete the entire statue, you'll of course have a statue that varies based on the kinds of answers your friends chose, and you'll also receive a Mystery Game dart as a final reward. To end our look at this new Sculptor's Workshop feature, we leave you with a look at the different final statue options, and the kinds of answers you'll need to receive along the way to get there. Good luck earning the items and the final statue type that you really want!

Tree Hugger - 6 Tree Answers, 0 Animal Answers
Forest Ranger - 5 Tree Answers, 1 Animal Answer
Gardener - 4 Tree Answers, 2 Animal Answers
Mother Nature - 3 Tree Answers, 3 Animal Answers
Pigeon Feeder - 2 Tree Answers, 4 Animal Answers
Dolphin Trainer - 1 Tree Answer, 5 Animal Answers
Animal Whisperer - 0 Tree Answers, 6 Animal Answers

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Sculptor's Workshop feature in FarmVille? Which "kind" of statue do you want to end up with in the end - one based more on animals or one based more on trees? Sound off in the comments!