Cafe World: Play ChefVille for free spice packs


In the case of Zynga's newest cross-promotion on Facebook, I'm not sure whether to call this genius or something more sinister. To celebrate the launch of Zynga's ChefVille on Facebook, players of the developer's original cooking game Cafe World are being offered spice bundles for trying out the new game. In a way, this is incredibly smart, as fans that have stuck around with Cafe World for this long obviously like cooking games, so they'd be the perfect audience for ChefVille. On the other hand, are these long time Cafe World players ready to try out another cooking game and start all of the way over from scratch?

Either way, if you're a Cafe World player that's looking for some free spices, you'll need to play ChefVille until at least Level 12 in order to earn all of the prizes available to you. While the prizes will be given out in waves at Levels 3, 7, 10 and 12, if you can complete all four stages, you'll walk away with a grand total of 10 Salvage Sage (which saves a dish from withering) and 100 Mastery Mint.

If you're ready to dive into ChefVille, but are looking for a little help, make sure to check out our complete coverage on the game, and visit our Add-Me Page to find friends that will help you make progress fast. Good luck!

What do you think of this cross-promotion in Cafe World? Will you leave Cafe World long enough to earn these spices, or do you think there's plenty of room for two cooking games in your regular lineup? Sound off in the comments!