Konami brings mobile puzzle game Blockolicious to Facebook


Let's face it, gamers that are looking for a match-three puzzle experience on either iOS or Facebook don't have to look far, as the ever-popular puzzle genre comes in many shapes and sizes, from Bejeweled to Diamond Dash, with dozens of options in between. Offering players yet another option in the genre is Konami's Blockolicious on Facebook, which was originally released on iOS devices by Chillingo.

Blockolicious gives players two modes to choose from, with a timed mode offering two minutes to earn as many points as possible by clicking on groups of three or more like-colored symbols. The other mode lacks a timer and is more about strategy than speed. Each time you make a match, you'll receive a Juice Box. Match three Juice Boxes and you'll receive a bomb capable of removing all like-colored symbols from the entire board. The twist comes in with these Juice Boxes, as the juice will eventually run out, destroying your chance at bombs and massive combo points, that is, unless you continue to make matches nearby.

Blockolicious is now available to play for free on Facebook, and we'll bring you a complete look at the game in the near future. For now, if you're interested in learning more before you begin, feel free to check out the game's trailer below.

Click here to try Blockolicious on Facebook --->

Have you already played Blockolocious on your iOS device? How do you think the game translates to Facebook? Sound off in the comments!