Game Insight tells all on the Mystery Manor for iPad scandal

Mystery Manor iPad
Mystery Manor iPad

Remember that time Mystery Manor changed on you in what seemed to be an instant? That wasn't fun for players, but according to an interview with Gamezebo, developer Game Insight isn't particularly happy with how that went down either. The Russian company took the chance to clear things up as well. According to Game Insight marketing manager and community lead Inga Shkurina, this change was as swift for it as it was for the players.

"This is a recent development," Shkurina said of the change in Apple's policies that led to the removal of gifting in-game items and currency through friend codes, "and we've had to update the game in order to make sure the game remains available for all our players without any interruption in service."

The Game Insight community lead then went on to unfortunately reveal that it's unlikely that this change will be reversed, since it's equally unlikely that Apple will go back on its policy. "As such, we're seeking alternative ways that we can accommodate our players," Shkurina added to Gamezebo. "More information on that coming soon." It's refreshing for the company to go entirely public with the issue at the very least. Check out the full interview right here.

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