Amazon Game Studios wants 'to set a new bar for game art'

Living Classics on Facebook
Living Classics on Facebook

Admit it: You thought you'd never see the day when the largest online retailer around got into the games business. (Then again, we never thought we'd see the king of search hop into the game, either.) Then Living Classics came along, the first Facebook game from Amazon's new game studio, aptly dubbed Amazon Game Studios.

While we weren't exactly enthralled by the release, it's the company's attempt to bring a little more life to a stale genre on social networks. "At Amazon Game Studios, we aim to innovate with games that are broadly accessible and appeal to many customers. Previous games on Facebook involved players finding objects hidden in a static scene," Amazon Game Studios GM Michael Robinson tells us. "Living Classics is a moving object game, which is new and more fun."

"We've also put a significant effort into making Living Classics a beautiful game. We want to set a new bar for game art. Most hidden object games are restricted to photo-realistic imagery in order to make finding objects straightforward," Robinson adds. "With a moving object game, we don't have the same constraint and we've tried to make the most of that freedom."


Regardless of how you feel about Living Classics, it's tough to deny that it's a sight to behold. (That artwork is mighty purrty.) But perhaps more importantly for Amazon Game Studios, it seems the developer holds the values of Amazon proper close. Well, that and the fact that we're told plenty more games are on the way.

"At Amazon, we start with the customer and work backwards," Robinson says. "Amazon Game Studios is all about delighting our customers with innovative and fun games. Amazon customers enjoy playing games and we believe we can deliver a great, accessible and fun gaming experience that our customers can play any time. We are excited to launch Living Classics on the Facebook platform today and you can count on seeing even more well-crafted games coming from Amazon Game Studios in the future. Stay tuned."

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