Your dreams of stoning Green Day come true in Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends Green Day
Angry Birds Friends Green Day

It's cool to hate on Green Day these days. That's about the only motivation we can think of for Rovio to join forces with the punk band to create not only 10 Green Day-themed levels in Angry Birds Friends on Facebook, but immortalize the rock trio as three of the game's green-skinned pigs. Come on, why else would Rovio turn Green Day into the game's living targets?

It's both terribly fitting and terribly creepy all at the same time. In a move to get Green Day fans interested in Angry Birds (?), players will get to listen to the band's new single, "Oh Love," as well as unlock an exclusive song, "Troublemaker". But wait, there's more ... Green Day episodes coming to Angry Birds Friends this fall. And whaddya know, that's just in time for those new Green Day albums due out this fall. Now, isn't that just a wonderful coincidence?

[Via Joystiq]

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