FarmVille Cheats & Tips: Identify Mystery Bulbs without growing them


With the launch of the new search feature in FarmVille, which allows you to search for items both inside storage and already placed on your farm, a new convenient method for Mystery Bulb sorting has appeared in the process. This technique was found by the folks at FVNation, and it essentially sees you sorting your various Mystery Bulbs into groups of all of the same kind of flower, allowing you to grow just one and know what the rest of them are instantly, without wasting flower food.

According to FVNation, if you type "Bulb" into the new search window, you'll see multiple listings for the word bulb, with a single listing being available for each individual kind of Mystery Bulb you currently have sitting on your current farm (or in your Gift Box). They may all look the same, but their eventual flower has already been decided before you placed them down, so you can simply click on one of the listings (as seen below) to see all bulbs of a single type highlighted in blue.

From there, it's all a matter of moving these bulbs into their matching groups. Once you grow a single bloom from each group, you'll know what the rest of the flowers are instantly, without wasting flower food. What's more, if you have already mastered the bloom in question, you can delete the others without growing them, and without wondering whether or not you've deleted something fantastic. We've tested this method and can confirm that, as of this writing, it does indeed work.

All told, this is definitely one of the best tips we've ever come across in FarmVille, as it allows you to sort your flowers based on type and save dozens or even hundreds of flower food in growing "random" bulbs just to find out that you didn't need them as you had already mastered them. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to help you up your game in FarmVille!

What do you think of the new FarmVille lost and found search feature? Had you already discovered that you could sort bulbs based on type by using it? Sound off in the comments!