FarmVille Mystery Game (08/19/12): Flowers, fairies and bees, oh my!

The latest edition of the FarmVille Mystery Game is now available, and it features a set of somewhat mismatched items that mainly relate to the outdoors, insects and "summer." There are, once again, six different items up for grabs in this week's Mystery Game, and a single dart will cost you 16 Farm Cash to throw at the board. Of course, you can also use any free darts you've earned from redeeming Game Cards or simply completing goals, but that's up to you. Here's the complete lineup of this week's prizes, with details and images being discovered by FarmVille Freak.

Bee Fountain
Firefly Mini Horse
Firefly Pond
Firefly Unicorn
Summer Cottage
Summer Gazebo

As usual, winning all six of these items is easier said than done, as you will likely end up with duplicates along the way, meaning that you'll also spend more Farm Cash than you might have initially expected in the process. Still, if you can manage to win one of them all, you'll walk away with another prize at no additional charge: the Baltimore Oriole bird. We wish you luck if you're going after this final prize!

What do you think of this newest lineup of Mystery Game prizes? Did you throw any darts at this week's board? Which item(s) did you win? Share your experiences with us in the comments!