CityVille Better Shopping Bureau Goals: Everything you need to know

Bella is back in our towns in CityVille, and she's got a credit card that's burning a hole in her pocket. It will be up to you to help her complete three goals in your town, dealing with (what else?) shopping and money. Here's a guide to finishing them off!

You Can Bank On It!

  • Collect 20 Shopping Bags

  • Collect from 10 Banks

  • Send 30 Ships to New York

You'll earn the Shopping Bags via a general news item posted on your wall. After finishing this first goal, you'll receive 10 energy.

No Free Rides

  • Collect 25 Shopping Bags

  • Collect from Thrift Shops 35 Times

  • Use 10 Taxis

The Taxis refer to the Taxi Station system that was released in CityVille back in May. This will allow you to click on Taxis that are randomly driving around your town and then click on businesses to send them on their way.

Miss Popularity

  • Increase Population by 2,000

  • Collect 50 Receipts

  • Collect from 25 Cars

The Receipts will appear at random when collecting from either Toy Towers or Song Bird Pet Shops, so make sure to keep those constantly stocked in order to earn as many Receipts as possible, as quickly as possible. When you finish this final goal, you'll receive the Better Shopping Bureau, a new building for your town.

There doesn't appear to be a time limit for finishing these goals as of this writing, but stay tuned as we'll make sure to let you know if one is added in the future!

[Goals 2-3 Via: Light Chan]

What do you think of these Better Shopping Bureau goals in CityVille? Have you already started completing them in your game? Sound off in the comments!