ChefVille Cheats & Tips: Use spices to speed up cooking


While ChefVille may be immediately comparable to another Zynga game, Cafe World, the two games are fairly different, especially in the way you cook dishes, with each group of dishes being assigned to a particular cooking appliance, rather than everything being cooked on identical stoves. This also affects dish mastery, as ChefVille tends to require less individual preparations of a single dish to earn all three stars of mastery. At the same time, cooking a lengthy dish (say, a 12 or 16 hour dish) will hold that cooking appliance hostage for a lengthy period of time, stopping you from cooking anything else until it's done. Luckily, there are some spices at your disposal to speed up cooking times, even if it's just by an hour.

While Spices may be incredibly varied in Cafe World, there are only four spices available in ChefVille as of this writing, and all of them deal with speeding up the time it takes a dish to cook. Here's the list of spices and their attributes!

Instant Thyme - Makes a dish instantly ready to serve
One Hour Thyme - Reduces remaining cooking time by one hour
Six Hour Thyme - Reduces remaining cooking time by six hours
12 Hour Thyme - Reduces remaining cooking time by 12 hours

When you wish to use a spice, simply click on an appliance that has a dish cooking within it and choose the spice you'd like to use. At this early stage, you'll likely only see two options available to you: Instant Thyme for 6 Chef Cash and One Hour Thyme for one Chef Cash, but Zynga assures us that others will be available in the future. Just remember to check the remaining time on a dish before you spend Cash, as you might be able to completely finish a dish's cooking time with a cheaper One Hour Thyme, saving the Chef Cash you would have spent on an Instant Thyme otherwise!

If additional spices are launched in ChefVille in the future (we wouldn't be surprised), we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of the spice system in ChefVille? Do you ever see yourself spending premium currency to speed up a dish's cooking time? Sound off in the comments!