Disney's Fish Hooks comes to life for free on iOS

Disney's Fish Hooks already entertains children on the Disney Channel, but now, you can take your friends from Freshwater High with you wherever you go via the launch of Disney Mobile's Fish Hooks on iOS, a free-to-play mobile game that plays just like Cut the Rope.

FIsh Hooks is a physics-based puzzle game asking you to send Milo, the show's main character, down tubes after collecting up to three apples in each level. You'll manipulate bubbles, turtle shells, pieces of coral, strings and more as you attempt to collect these apples, with the path to the exit not always readily apparent. The game comes complete with animated cutscenes starring characters from the show and performs well for the most part (the occasional timing issue when popping or placing bubbles notwithstanding).

Available for both iPhone and iPad, Disney's Fish Hooks looks to be a perfect game for kids on the go, or even for adults that simply appreciate physics-based puzzle games. It should be noted that the increase in difficulty from one tank to the next is a rather slow one, which also helps the game's cause as a great option for kids. What's more, you can unlock the game's additional characters and levels by simply playing the game, without any nasty pay walls blocking your path. If you're interested in trying Disney's Fish Hooks, you can now download the game on iTunes.

Click here to download Disney's Fish Hooks on iTunes --->

Have you tried Disney's Fish Hooks or any similar physics-based puzzle games? How do you think Fish Hooks compares in terms of enjoyment, complexity or difficulty? Sound off in the comments!