CastleVille Serve Tree: Earn free Crowns in Zynga's latest promotion

Not to be left out of the cross-promotional fun, CastleVille now has its very own Serve from American Express tree, allowing you to earn free Crowns for your Kingdom by simply placing and tending the tree over the next few days. To be specific, you'll be given a Serve Tree in your Kingdom for free when this promotion rolls out to your game, and you'll be abel to place it wherever you'd like.

Once placed, the tree will be instantly ready to harvest, and you'll receive a single free Crown for doing so. From then on, you'll be able to collect from the tree four more times over the next four days to earn a total of 5 Crowns from the tree. Each time you do so, you'll be notified about further Crown-earning possibilities, most of which revolve around actually signing up for a pre-paid Serve card from American Express. As an example, simply signing up for the card, even before you put money onto it, will give you 100 extra free Crowns. Activating the card will give you more Crowns still and then actually spending your real money that you've placed on the card will earn you a final batch of Crowns. All told, you can earn 540 Crowns if you participate in this entire event, but of course, most of those aren't actually "free."

As a bonus, if you watch a themed video in your Kingdom, you can earn an additional two Crowns, bringing the grand total to 7 free Crowns for those uninterested in the actual promotion. While it may take you five days to earn them all, the Crowns are ultimately free, so we can't complain. For more information about the Serve promotion and how you can earn those free Crowns in CastleVille, just login to your Kingdom now to learn more!

What do you think of this Serve promotion in CastleVille? Will you sign up for a Serve card to earn free Crowns in CastleVille? Sound off in the comments!