FarmVille Adventure Items: Thick Foliage, Goblet Tree and more

Continuing in the new tradition of Friday night updates, FarmVille's marketplace has just been updated with new items in the Adventure theme. There are a few trees, animals and decorations available to purchase in this run of Adventure items, but it's definitely possible that more will be added to the store before all is said and done. While we're waiting to see if that's the case, here's a look at the current Adventure items available in the store!


Malabar Chestnut Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Ceiba Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Knotted Rope Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Old Vine Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Treasure Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Treasure Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Goblet Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Goblet Tree - 12 Farm Cash


Aviator Pegasus - 30 Farm Cash
Adventure Chicken - 18 Farm Cash
Golden Monkey - 14 Farm Cash
Anaconda - 12 Farm Cash
Adventure Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Giant Adventure Cow - 22 Farm Cash
Packhorse - 26 Farm Cash


Jungle Treehouse - 14 Farm Cash


Thick Foliage - 8,000 coins
Jungle Waterfall - 12 Farm Cash
Quick Sand - 4 Farm Cash
Glyph Stone - 20,000 coins
Excavation Site - 40,000 coins
Rope Bridge - 12 Farm Cash
Adventure Gnome - 10 Farm Cash
Water Airplane (Water Only) - 6 Farm Cash

These items will be available for either 11 or 13 days, so you'll need to check each item's listing within the store to see exactly how long they'll be available. We'll make sure to let you know if additional Adventure items launch in the FarmVille marketplace, so stay tuned!

What do you think of these Adventure items in FarmVille's marketplace? Will you purchase any of them for your farms? Sound off in the comments!