Crane Topples Onto Newark, N.J., Home While Removing Tree From Yard

Call it a horrible case of irony: A crew tasked with sprucing up a property in Newark, N.J., ended up destroying it when a crane removing a large tree in the yard toppled over onto the house, WNBC 4 New York reported.

One piece of the tree was apparently too heavy for the crane and brought the machine's boom crashing down onto the house, breaking windows and damaging its roof.

The mishap was reportedly a result of the crane's driver misjudging the weight of the logs. Neither the crane's operator nor a person inside the home were injured by the falling crane.

But not all such incidents stem from negligence.

In a bizarre case reported by AOL Real Estate, an aggrieved landlord rammed the tongs of his tractor into a home's side, terrifying -- but not injuring -- the tenants inside.

Other odd mishaps have included a mountain lion bursting into a home and a woman nearly losing her arm due to flying construction debris.

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