CityVille Tranquil Lake: Everything you need to know


As summer begins to wind down, and we look towards fall, we see CityVille releasing items that deal with spending time outdoors, but not necessarily at the beach. Case in point: a Tranquil Lake is now available for our towns, but we'll have to expand to it to get to it. This comes by way of a new goal that's available for users Level 10 or higher, and we're here with a guide on what that goal entails!

Pearls of Wisdom

  • Expand to the Tranquil Lake

  • Ask friends for 20 Black Pearls

  • Upgrade a Natural Wonder to Level 3

The Tranquil Lake will likely sit one or two squares outside of your city's current limits, unless you've already expanded to the full board allowed in the game. If this is the case, you'll simply have the Tranquil Lake in your inventory to place at your leisure. For the Natural Wonder, remember that items like Mt. Everest are now available to build in your city, but they're time consuming projects if you haven't started one already. You can check out our look at Natural Wonders right here.

When you expand out to the Tranquil Lake and complete this entire goal, you'll receive 10 Rubies. On top of that, the Tranquil Lake itself will also offer stats to your town, as it's a community building that will raise your maximum population cap and will offer a few coins in profits to your town every 12 hours. When you collect from this Tranquil Lake, you'll also have a chance of receiving more gems that will help you complete further Natural Wonders in your town. In this way, it's more than just a Community Building, as it can help you finish an incredibly lengthy event faster just by tending it in your town. Good luck!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Tranquil Lake and its goal in CityVille? Have you already started building Natural Wonders in your city? Sound off in the comments!

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