Cafe World Sneak Peek: VIP Memberships coming soon


It looks like Cafe World will be the next Facebook game to jump into the "VIP Subscription" arena, as we've been given new details concerning the launch of such memberships over on the game's official forums. Right now, there's a special VIP Membership Preview available for interested players that grants them one additional stove slot and three Arabian themed decorations, but the actual VIP Memberships aren't available as of this writing.

In a "couple of weeks," subscriptions will roll out in full, offering players an additional free stove slot (for a total of two), and we assume a variety of other bonuses will be provided on a monthly or even weekly basis. For the record, if you take part in the preview and then do not wish to become an actual subscriber, the first free stove slot you received during the preview will be taken away. The Arabian decorations, however, will be yours to keep forever. They include a Menu stand, a Waiter figure and a new themed counter.

Unfortunately, other official details about the VIP Memberships in Cafe World are still under wraps, but if the program is anything like that offered in CityVille, we can likely expect to receive free Cafe Cash every month, another with some other boosts, likely in the form of exclusive spices or decorations. We'll make sure to let you know when you can sign up to be an official VIP in Cafe World, so stay tuned!

Will you sign up to be a VIP Member in Cafe World when the program launches? How much money a month would you be willing to spend to be part of the club? Sound off in the comments!