The Ville Bunny Garden: Everything you need to know

If you've reached at least Level 4 in Zynga's The Ville on Facebook, you can now take part in the game's first limited time event called the Bunny Garden. While we've seen events revolving around items like Doghouses or Lemonade Stands, this Bunny Garden is a much more complex event, even if only for the fact that you'll be timed while completing it.

When this update rolls around to your game, you'll be able to place a Bunny Garden somewhere on your land, and can then jump straight into the quests that accompany it. Here's a complete guide to finishing them off!

Hungry Bunnies

  • Collect 3 Bunny Treats

  • Feed Bunnies

You'll need to send out individual requests to earn the Bunny Treats, and can then click on the Bunny Garden and choose "Feed Bunnies" to finish this quest. You'll receive two XP and 50 coins for finishing this quest.

Bunny Care

  • Place the Black Belgian

  • Play with the Black Belgian

Upon completing the first quest, you'll be given an upgrade to the Bunny Garden and will also unlock the Black Belgian bunny. The Black Belgian will be in your inventory, so you'll need to "Place" it to finish this quest. You'll earn another two XP and 25 coins for finishing this quest.

Double Trouble

  • Collect 9 Bunny Treats

  • Attract the White Angora

Apparently, these bunnies have been eating local garden patches out of carrots, so we'll need to collect more treats to stop them from continuing to do so. As you collect treats and feed bunnies, the garden will continue to upgrade and you'll eventually attract the White Angora rabbit to your game. Finishing this quest gives you five XP and 200 coins.

Carrot Catastrophe

  • Place the White Angora

  • Play with 2 Bunnies

  • Harvest 12 Carrots

Carrots take 18 hours to grow, so if you plan ahead, you can have them growing while working on other quests in this series so that you don't have to wait another 18 hours after making it this far. You'll earn five XP and 125 coins when you complete this quest.

Bunny Proof

  • Buy 5 New Flowers

  • Buy 5 New Outdoor Decorations

  • Attract the Pink Flemish Giant Rabbit

Rewards: 10 XP and 400 coins

Gentle Giant

  • Place the Pink Flemish Giant

  • Clear 5 Debris

  • Buy 3 Fruit Trees

Rewards: 10 XP and 600 coins

King of the Bunnies

  • Cook Vegetable Stew

  • Harvest 12 Herbs

  • Attract the Rainbow Bunny

The Vegetable Stew can be cooked by clicking on your stove and combining lots of ingredients: eight carrots, four potatoes and four tomatoes. You'll earn 10 XP and 400 coins for completing this quest, and will also unlock the Jackalope. After finishing this final quest, you can continue to interact with the Bunny Garden, but you won't be able to upgrade it any further, as of this writing.

Remember, if you don't complete this feature within the two week time limit, there are no other ways (again, as of this writing) to earn them, but any bunnies that you do recruit will be yours to keep forever. Good luck!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Bunny Garden feature in The Ville? Do you think you'll be able to collect enough Bunny Treats to complete all of these quests in the next two weeks? Sound off in the comments!

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