One Finland Official Supports Euro — CNBC


Finland, which has not always offered whole-hearted support to the euro, says it is fully committed to the union. Alex Stubb, the country's minister for European affairs and foreign trade, told CNBC that his nation is 100% behind the decade old alliance. Recent comments by other government officials from the country might have led people to think otherwise. The news organization reports:

"I think the alternative course, of not helping out, not giving loans or guarantees, would be way too high," Stubb said.

"There is a lack of trust among members states right now, a lack of confidence. We need to rebuild that trust and in order to rebuild that trust," he said.

"We need tighter rules for the future and I think the collateral requirements, which of course are a footnote in this whole game, is part and parcel of it."

Douglas A. McIntyre

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