Lost Legacies: A merely average hidden object game on Facebook

As hidden object games become more prevalent on Facebook, games will have to rely more on their stories and artwork than ever before to stand apart from the big names like Hidden Chronicles or Gardens of Time. Lost Legacies from Smeet at least has one of those elements, as the storyline sees you traveling the world, investigating ancient treasures while guided by a mysterious figure on the other end of random telephone calls. You'll explore destroyed ruins, shipwrecks, tombs, labs and much more as you make your way through the game, but unfortunately, the gameplay itself is only average.

There's no "Home World" to speak of in Lost Legacies; instead, you'll simply unlock new scenes by repeatedly playing old ones, unlocking mastery seals for repeated play. You'll need to complete certain scenes for quests and will often (too often) be asked to invite your friends to play the game as well (we timed it - less than 30 seconds pass between each attempt to get you to invite your friends to play while you're outside of scenes and "inactive"). Each scene requires around 15 energy to play, making your starting allotment of 60 energy disappear far too quickly, and the scenes themselves aren't really intriguing.


The art within each scene may be clear, but it doesn't contain enough detail to be considered "pretty." As you complete scenes, you'll only be given a small number of items to search for at a time, and the game forces you to jump into full screen at the beginning of every scene, whether you want to or not. You can jump back out at your will, but this isn't very user-friendly. This seems to be the case with the entire experience however, as Lost Legacies seems to focus too much on forcing you to do things, whether it be forcing you to invite your friends (or, at the very least open the invite window and then close it again), asking you to share news posts to your wall and so on. Furthermore, quest rewards aren't given automatically, so you'll need to repeatedly click on quest icons to see if you have rewards waiting for you that you may have forgotten about.

Lost Legacies comes with plenty of different themes in its scenes, and the game's story sets up enough mystery and intrigue early on to entice users to keep coming back for more, but there's nothing truly special about the hidden object scenes themselves that help pull players back in. You'll need to be incredibly fast to earn combo points, wasting almost no time whatsoever in finding subsequent items, and while you'll earn extra rewards with each mastery seal you unlock, Lost Legacies would be so much better if it didn't follow this now cliched setup.

All told, Lost Legacies is a merely average hidden object game in a genre that's becoming increasingly crowded, but if you're desperate for one more hidden object game to play (perhaps while waiting for your energy to recharge in other Facebook hidden object games), I suppose it couldn't hurt to give Lost Legacies a shot.

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Have you tried Lost Legacies on Facebook? Which Facebook hidden object game is your favorite thus far? Are you a fan of the standard, repetitious setup contained in most social hidden object games, or are you waiting for something truly different to come along? Sound off in the comments!

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