Garfield's Gem offers match-three play with our favorite fat cat [Video]


Back in April, Garfield was brought to iOS via the folks at Cosmos Epoch and their release of Garfield's Diner on iPhone and iPad. Garfield's Diner fit in with the theme of Garfield, as the time-management restaurant simulation focused on food, Garfield's favorite thing. Now, another game has been released that focuses on our favorite, always-hungry fat cat, but this one is more of a light puzzle game than in-depth simulation.

Garfield's Gem offers time management play on iPhone, and is currently unavailable natively on iPad. The game will allow you to login with Facebook and then practice or compete to earn the highest score possible in a limited amount of time by making matches of three or more like colored symbols on the board. Your progress is accompanied by voice clips from characters from the Garfield franchise, and the game is monetized via the purchase of power-ups that can help you increase your score by adding extra time to the clock, causing whole groups of gems to disappear at once and so on.

From our hands-on time with the game, Garfield's Gem seems a bit too simple to attract long-term attention from diehard match-three fans, but Garfield fans should be delighted by the simplistic package. If you want to learn more about Garfield's Gem, you can either dive right in and download the game for free on iTunes, or check Cosmos Epoch's preview trailer below.

Click here to download Garfield's Gem on iTunes --->

Have you tried Garfield's Gem or Garfield's Diner on iOS? Which of the two Garfield-themed games do you like the most? Sound off in the comments!