CityVille Serve Money Treehouse: Everything you need to know


The name "Serve from American Express" should already be familiar to CityVille players, as a series of three prizes were given away for our cities via a Serve cross-promotion back at the end of June. Now, another Serve item is available for our towns, but this one will give us free City Cash! Yes, free premium currency that can be used to purchase premium decorations, building materials, energy packs and more!

This item is the Serve Money Treehouse, and is available to CityVille players within the United States that have reached at least Level 7. The Treehouse is technically a community building, offering up to a 2,500 citizen boost to your town's maximum population cap, and it can be collected from once each day. This is important, as you'll be able to collect 1 City Cash from the tree each day after you place it, until you've collect five City Cash in all. That may not be much, but hey, it's free money. You can also earn an additional two City Cash for watching a video about the service in-game.

This Serve Money Treehouse event will likely end for most players there, but if you're one that is willing to actually sign up for a Server pre-paid account through American Express, you'll also be eligible to earn up to 205 more City Cash for your game. You'll earn 100 upon signing up, another 30 when you activate the card and a final 75 City Cash when you make your first five purchased of $25 or more on the Serve card. Again, these 205 City Cash are only available for those that intend to spend real money in this event, and these tasks are in no way mandatory.

After you've collected your five City Cash from the free version of the Treehouse, you'll be able to store it back in your inventory and out of site. You'll also receive 50 XP and 200,000 coins for collecting from the free tree a full five times, via a goal of the same name (Serve Money Treehouse). If nothing else, this event is a fast way to earn a large amount of coins and a handful of free City Cash that you wouldn't have had before, so we ultimately can't complain. Stay tuned for more, as we'll let you know if this Serve promotion goes any further in CityVille!

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What do you think of this latest Serve cross promotion in CityVille? Are you willing to sign up for a pre-paid card just to earn City Cash? Sound off in the comments!