CityVille Keep Building on Water Goal: Everything you need to know

A couple of weeks ago, CityVille players were given the opportunity to expand far out into the water beyond the shoreline of their city and actually unlock islands in the middle of the water on which to build. Apparently, that feature went over pretty well, as another set of islands is now available to unlock via a goal with an appropriate name: Keep Building on Water.

This goal is given to players at least Level 10 or higher, and it comes with three tasks:

  • Expand Your City to the Second Island

  • Finish Building the Second Island

  • Move 5 Completed Islands

As with the first islands feature, you'll be able to unlock islands ranging from small to large and must collect items like sand and grass to "activate" them for building. There are 16 tiles that comprise the entirety of the "Second Island," and you'll need to complete them all before finishing this goal. Your rewards for finishing this goal are 30 energy and 20 Rocket Fuels. Apparently, the movement task sees you being given space to place a space shuttle out in the middle of the water, which explains this feature's connection to that of the Space Shuttle released previously.

It's likely that yet another set of islands will be released at some point in the future, especially if players positively take to this second island in the game. If islands continue to rise out of the water in CityVille, we'll make sure to let you know!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this new island in CityVille? Had you already completed the first set of island tiles that were released a few weeks ago? Sound off in the comments!