9 Jobs For Creative People


By Glassdoor and AOL Jobs

Ever since you were allotted a blob of Play-Doh to build anything your kid-size imagination could come up with, you've always had a bit of a creative side. But even if you can't commit to the lifestyle of a starving artist or don't see yourself as becoming the next Brad Pitt, there are plenty of creative jobs that keep your right-brain in shape and allow you to think differently.

With the help of career-portal Glassdoor and Bureau of Labor Statistics data, AOL Jobs has compiled a list of nine jobs that have creative potential. The list is subjective and isn't meant to be definitive. As Glassdoor notes, there are certainly dozens more jobs that have a creative component. Still, these nine careers cover a range of aptitudes in the hope of providing something for everyone. There may be a few you haven't thought of: