Settlers of Catan settles into MMO territory through HTML5 start-up Goko

Settlers of Catan MMO
Settlers of Catan MMO

Will one of the most critically-acclaimed board games translate to one of the most critically-acclaimed MMOs? Let's not get ahead of ourselves, but that's the hope of Goko, a brand new HTML5-focused gaming start-up. The developer has acquired the license for Settlers of Catan, one of the most respected board games in the industry, for a cross-platform MMO known as Catan World.

Set to launch for Facebook, Google+, Goko's own website, Google Play and the iOS App Store, Catan World is already in a beta test. (These guys sure as hell move fast.) No other details regarding Catan World were disclosed, but Goko has no plans of stopping there.

The company now has the rights to 150 board and card game licenses with which it intends on giving the same treatment. The licenses include those of board game publishers like Mayfair Games, Rio Grande Games, Reiner Knizia and more. In fact, one such game, Dominion from Rio Grande Games, is already live on Facebook, Google+ and with plans to bring it to iOS and Android.

In other words, Goko is not dawdling over the chance at becoming a leader in HTML5 games, and it has some serious brand power behind it to ensure that doesn't happen. And according to a release, the following Goko games are also live: Reiner Knizia's Forbidden City War Factory (a puzzle meets war strategy mash-up) and All the King's Men, a new tower defense game. What did you do today?

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