Pioneer Trail Soldier's Pen Pal: Everything you need to know

A soldier's life can often be a lonely one, and it's with that in mind that Pioneer Trail introduces us to a new feature and set of goals to complete: Soldier's Pen Pal. Flintlock has apparently written a letter to Fanny, asking if her students would be available to become pen pals with his soldiers to boost their morale. You'll be able to help you own in-game children become pen pals with soldiers via new goals and a new structure that must be built on your Homestead. Let's get started!

New Pen Pal

  • Tend 30 Adult Pigs

  • Collect 8 Fanny's Writing Guides

  • Place a Military Mailbox

Rewards: 500 XP, Spitted Pig, Rhode Island Red Chicken

Pen Pal Nerves

  • Harvest 60 Squash

  • Craft 2 Pen Pal Pencils

  • Finish Phase 1 of the Mailbox

The Pen Pal Pencils are crafted using Graphite Ore, Graphite Molds and Pencil Wood. You'll receive 1,000 XP, Floppy Fair Haire and five Moss Crops for finishing this goal.

Pen Pal Pets

  • Tend 15 Adult Floppy Fair Hares

  • Fish 10 Times in the Fishing Pond

  • Finish Phase 2 of the Mailbox

Rewards: 1,500 XP, five Sieve Stations, Dragon Goose

Pen Pal Hobbies

  • Harvest 30 Sparkling Roses

  • Collect 16 Draggin' Slayors from your friends

  • Finish Phase 3 of the Mailbox

Rewards: 2,500 XP, 2,000 coins, Sergeant Stubby

Pen Pal Picture

  • Harvest 20 Agave Cactus

  • Tend Sergeant Stubby 4 Times

  • Finish Phase 4 of the Mailbox

Rewards: 4,000 XP, Pirate Pig, Soldier Bear

Along with these goals, there are also new collections to complete, including one that offers you a July 4th Crate for completing it. If nothing else, this gives you something to shoot for after completing these goals, which will likely take long enough as it is. We wish you the best of luck in completing these goals in your game!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this new Pen Pal feature in Pioneer Trail? What do you think of being asked to build yet another Mailbox when others have already been released in the game? Sound off in the comments!