Big Fish Casino blazes trails (and pockets) for iOS real-money gambling

Big Fish Casino
Big Fish Casino

We know, you're just itching to say goodbye to your money forever, calm down. Your time is coming, but if you live in the UK, then your time is today. Big Fish Games has released Big Fish Casino to the global iOS App Store. While this casino simulator is just like the rest on iOS in the U.S, UK players can put up real cash and earn real cash cash winnings in return.

Made possible by a partnership with Betable--the company's technology handles what happens on the back end when players make bets--this is the first time that real-money gambling is possible in a game on the App Store. While Big Fish has tread new ground, the push for real-money gambling apps and social games is nothing new. The first Facebook game to allow for online gaming, Bingo Friendzy by JackpotJoy, released just last week.

For those keeping score, Big Fish Casino is actually the relaunch of Card Ace Casino by Self Aware Studios, which the company purchased earlier this year, according to TechCrunch. Card Ace already had 1 million active players, so Big Fish Casino already has a head start. While U.S. players won't have the pleasure of throwing their hard-earned money to the winds, at least they'll get to play the version sans real-money gambling on Google Play, Amazon's Appstore, the iOS App Store and Facebook.

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