Zynga Slingo: Collect dogs in this new way to play

While avoiding devils, being blessed by angels and collecting tokens in Zynga Slingo in fun and all, sometimes we all wish we could do something different, to break away from the same old mold. Via a new game update, we now can, as dogs have come to Zynga Slingo. Yes, man's best friend has come to a bingo game, but if you think back to the childhood song, the combination actually makes plenty of sense.

This feature has already rolled out to our games, and you'll start finding dogs while you play automatically. You'll be given 10 leashes to begin for free, and can earn additional leashes by asking your friends to send them to you. As you spin the wheels, dogs will randomly appear on top of tiles and collecting them allows you to win additional tokens at the end of your games.

To be specific, you can only collect dogs when the dogs are standing on the tiles that match the numbers you've "spun," and only then if you have a leash active as a power-up at the bottom of the screen. Dogs move after every spin, and you can have multiple dogs walking around at once, increasing your chances to collect them (again, so long as you have leashes).

For the next nine days, you'll be able to compete against your friends to find the most dogs possible, and will be able to compare your stats with those of your friends on the new dog-centric leaderboard. At the end of the timed event, the top three place finishers on the leaderboard will receive anywhere from 5,000 - 25,000 coins as rewards. You'll also have the chance to share dogs on your news feed for fast friends to claim, and can claim some of your own if you have friends that are also participating in this event.

While simple, this dog event could be just one of many such events that give us other things to work towards than simply filling our cards in each and every round, and should any additional similar (or even different) features launch in Zynga Slingo in the future, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of the inclusion of dogs in Zynga Slingo? Sound off in the comments!