Mystery Manor maker under fire, fans revolt over iPad game changes

Mystery Manor Hidden Adventure iPad
Mystery Manor Hidden Adventure iPad

Protip: Dedicated players generally don't appreciate when you randomly change things in your most popular game. Game Insight, the Russia-based creator of the hit hidden object series Mystery Manor, has learned that lesson the hard way. VentureBeat reports that fans of Mystery Manor for iPad are in the middle of a freak out across the developer's social channels.

According to VentureBeat and complaints from thousands of players on the iPad game's Facebook fan page, the revolt seems to be over recent changes made by Game Insight to the game that removed promotions that gave gifts to players that would normally require in-app purchases. In short, Game Insight made it more difficult for non-paying players to progress in the hidden object game without paying up.

Amid deleting many complaints on the game's Facebook fan page (though is claims to have stopped), Game Insight points fingers at Apple's policies for the changes. According to VentureBeat, Apple writes that "Apps that unlock or enable additional features or functionality with mechanisms other than the App Store will be rejected."

Recently players have organized a boycott of the game on various message boards, and Game Insight has released a statement on the game's Facebook fan page. Almost all large free-to-play game makers have gone through similar issues, but whether Game Insight weathers this particular growing pain will be plain as day.

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