Lazer Tag Blasters Two-Pack Giveaway

Lazer Tag giveaway
Lazer Tag giveaway

Note: We have declared a winner. Congratulations to reader Andrew Baker for his idea of flash bang grenades to fire at enemies to stun them! Thanks much to all who participated.

Are you ready to put all of that first-person shooter training to the test? Good, because Hasbro has provided us with a two-pack of its brand new blasters for one lucky reader to win (and go trigger-happy with) to celebrate the reinvention of Lazer Tag. We recently took the new blasters for a spin, so we can vouch for them (and the app) being absolutely awesome.

Of course (and unfortunately), an iOS device is not included. But that's OK! What you will get--if you win--are two brand spankin' new Lazer Tag blasters and everything you need to lock your iPhone or iPod Touch inside for play with new app. Here's how to enter for your shot at nearly $80 worth of laser-blasting goodness:

How to Win:

Step 1. Click the "Like" button above this post to share the Lazer Tag Blasters Giveaway with your friends.

Step 2.
Go to our Facebook fanpage and click "Like". This enables you to leave us posts.

Step 3. Leave a post on our Facebook fanpage telling us the following:

The new Lazer Tag blasters and app create an experience much like the shooters you play on your game console of choice ... but with real people. If you were to create one brand new weapon type for the Lazer Tag game, what would it be, and special properties would it have?

(Ex. I would create a sticky bomb launcher that would blow my enemies up whenever I so choose. No more hiding behind cover for you!)

Next week, the council of elders will choose one winner and reach out to him or her on Facebook for shipping information to provide to Hasbro. So, if you leave a post, definitely check your Facebook inbox and submission next week.

Sound easy enough? Good luck!

Note: To enter you must be a resident of the United States and have a Facebook account.