FarmVille Dream Tree: Everything you need to know

The latest collection event has launched in FarmVille, bringing us a large (but rather dark) Dream Tree to build on one of our farms. This Dream Tree brings about a twist to the collection feature, as your methods for collecting objects are more limited this time around. Still, there are six exclusive, limited edition prizes up for grabs by participating in this event, so we're here with a complete guide to get you up to speed.

First things first, you'll need to place the base of the Dream Tree on one of your farms. From there, you can post a general news item to your feed asking for Dream Drops, the collectible you'll need to earn in bulk for prizes. You'll of course earn Dream Drops when friends click on these requests, but you can also purchase them outright with Farm Cash. Your only other method of earning Dream Drops, as of this writing, will be to click on your friends' news feed posts as they work on this even in their own games. Unlike other events, you can't send these Dream Drops freely from the game's free gifts page, making news posts absolutely key in making quick progress.

As you collect Dream Drops, the tree itself will change in appearance and complexity, and you'll start to unlock access to the six prizes inside. Here's a look at the full lineup of items.

  • 15 Dream Drops - Purple Primrose Bloom

  • 30 Dream Drops - Jumping Fountain

  • 45 Dream Drops - Summer Donkey

  • 60 Dream Drops - Dream Trumpet Tree

  • 80 Dream Drops - Rose Dragon

  • 100 Dream Drops - Dream Unicorn

If you'd rather not wait for your friends to help you collect Dream Drops, you can also purchase these prizes outright for Farm Cash, although that's of course a rather costly choice if you want one of each of the six. It's unlikely that additional methods for collecting Dream Drops will be offered via this event, so you'll want to make sure and use our guide to sorting your News Feed to seeing just FarmVille's posts so that you can collect as many Dream Drops as possible while this event lasts. Good luck!

[Via and image credit Zynga]

What do you think of this Dream Tree event in FarmVille? Do you think you have enough active neighbors to earn enough Dream Drops necessary to win one of each of these six prizes? Sound off in the comments!