CityVille Solar Neighborhood: Everything you need to know

Are you looking to free up some land space in your town in CityVille? Do you have a large amount of homes that simply need to be stored away? Want to save energy while collecting profits from residences? if you answered yes to any of those questions, you'll be happy to know that yet another neighborhood has launched in CityVille, but this one comes with a twist.

The Solar Neighborhood is available to users that have reached at least Level 10, and it will store up to 15 houses, just as you'd expect. The Solar Neighborhood requires building materials to construct, which are earned via a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests send to friends. Here's a look at what you'll need for the first level of this Neighborhood's construction.

  • 4 Violet Bulbs

  • 4 Gold Bulbs

  • 4 Green Bulbs

  • 4 Blue Bulbs

  • 4 White Bulbs

  • 4 Red Bulbs

When you collect these materials, you'll have just two storage spaces within your Solar Neighborhood, but luckily, Zynga states that this neighborhood can store any kind of regular home, regardless of theme. The only exceptions are skyscrapers and custom homes, which can't be stored inside. After filling these first two spots, you'll continue the cycle of asking your friends to staff the rest of the block's five positions and will then ask for more building materials. In this way, the Neighborhood is almost identical to all others, except for its widespread storage ability and the fact that you'll save energy when you collect rent from the buildings inside.

That's right, once you completely fill this Solar Neighborhood, you'll be able to collect from all 10 homes inside while saving 5 energy in the process. That is, rather than spending 15 energy to harvest the entire neighborhood, you'll spend just 10. This is especially helpful when trying to complete goals that ask you to harvest a specific number of residences, as you'll save energy in completing them, which can then be used elsewhere in your town.

If this Solar Neighborhood goes over well (we have no reason to think it wouldn't), perhaps we'll see additional Solar buildings (outside of the Solar Mall, that is) released in the game over time. If that's the case, we'll make sure to let you know!

What do you think of this Solar Neighborhood in CityVille? Have you already started building one, or do you already have all of your town's homes stored away in other kinds of neighborhoods? Sound off in the comments!