Is Zynga heading back to the theme park with CoasterVille?


While theme park simulators have always had a dedicated following outside of Facebook, the "amusement park" genre of Facebook games has never really taken off. While recent offerings like Rollercoaster Mania from 6waves have great designs, the lack of a dedicated user base ultimately makes progress slow and unentertaining. This could all change in the near future, if Facebook sponsored ads and a new Zynga survey are anything to go by.

According to the folks at Gamezebo, Facebook gamers are spotting ads for "CoasterVille" and "Thrill Park," both with the same logo background and Zynga branding, alongside their favorite Facebook games. Upon clicking on the ad, they're taken to a survey that appears to be a legitimate Zynga survey, complete with Zynga's Privacy Policy at the bottom of the screen. This survey asks for users' opinions about a theme park or roller coaster-themed Facebook game, and asks for their opinions bases on three possible names: Roller CoasterVille, Thrill Park or CoasterVille.

Here are the three questions in their (apparent) entirety:

1) How likely would you be to try a new Facebook game called CoasterVille?

2) Please explain why you would be likely or not likely to play a game named CoasterVille. (Please be specific)

3) Based on the name alone, which of the following Facebook games woudl you be the most likely to try? Roller CoasterVille, Thrill Park, or CoasterVille?

While we haven't been able to take this survey personally (and there are no public Facebook pages based on any of these names), this all sounds fairly believable, especially when you take into account Zynga's fondness for player surveys and tradition of asking players for opinions about game names shortly before they launch. But wait Brandy, I hear you saying, didn't Zynga already have a theme park game that crashed and burned? Indeed, Roller Coaster Kingdom was closed in 2010, but more than two years have passed since that game ultimately failed, so perhaps Zynga feels that the Facebook gaming audience is ready for another ride. Whatever the case, you can be sure we'll stay on top of this "CoasterVille" rumor and will let you know if it becomes anything more concrete.

Would you be willing to try another theme park simulation game on Facebook? Do you still miss the days when Roller Coaster Kingdom was available? Sound off in the comments!