What's So Special About Gorilla Glass 2?

When I was a kid, we'd all pile into the Country Squire for the long trip north to see the Boston branch of the family. On one trip we stopped in Corning, N.Y., so my mother could pay her respects at the Corning Glass museum, and perhaps pick up a casserole dish or two. All I knew about Corning (NYS: GLW) at the time was that the company had something to do with many of my favorite meals, and confusingly had nothing to do with corn itself.

Jump to today, the station wagon has been replaced with an SUV and I now know that Corning makes much more than flower-print casserole dishes. One of their products, Gorilla Glass, has generated a lot of buzz for the company since it began appearing in consumer products. Gorilla Glass is a tough glass capable of resisting damage in circumstances that would leave normal glass cracked, scratched, or even shattered. The product has evolved to a second version, appropriately called Gorilla Glass 2. Let's take a look at what might make this latest version better than the original.

Source: Corning website.

Source: Corning website.

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