The Ville Mystery Crates: Everything you need to know

If you're feeling lucky, you can now risk a little Ville Cash on a new Mystery Crate containing items for your avatar's home in the Ville. As of right now, there are two different kinds of crates available to purchase that vary not only in price but in contents. Luckily, we're here with a complete list of prizes, separated by kind/rarity, to let you know which crates you'll want to purchase based on the prizes you're hoping to win.

Mystery Crate (7 Ville Cash) Contents as of 8/14/12:


  • Tree Graphic Wall Art

  • Cherry Pantry

  • Purple Squeeze

  • Orange Squeeze

  • Wilshire Gold Sofa

  • Ostento Teak Dining Table

  • Lavish Crimson Chair

  • Lavish Purple Chair

  • Relativity Mirror

  • Metro Glass Dining Table


  • Multitaska Vent Hood

  • Golf Club

  • Frontier Bear

  • Gnome Home

  • Drum Set

  • Santa Fe Fiesta Rug

  • Miami Nice Island

  • El Rancho Wing Chair

  • Black Avanta Toilet

Mega Rare:

  • Rawhide Sofa

  • Rockin' Rolla Jukebox

  • Ian Aquasphere Ultraquarium

Superior Mystery Crate (11 Ville Cash) Contents as of 8/14/12:


  • When Pigs Fly Topiary

  • Jackalope Topiary

  • Spiral Topiary

  • Andice Sunset Tryptych

  • Santa Fe Fiesta Area Rug

  • Confused Spiral Topiary

  • Mondivano Hibiscus Print

  • Ostento Glass Wood Dining Table

  • Avanta Tub

  • Black Avanta Tub

  • Cobalt Avanta Tub


  • The Monroe

  • Cherry Granite Island

  • Antoinette Paramour

  • Air Hockey Table

  • The Jackson

  • Arctic Polaris

  • Blue Lotus Rug

  • Southwest Zapoteca Rug

  • CookStar Genoa

  • Persian Carpet

  • Square Persian Carpet

Mega Rare:

  • El Rancho Leather Sofa

  • Gold Cup of Fortune

  • Sierra Oasis Grand Fireplace

  • Skydiving Simuator

As you can see, there are items in the same theme that are spread across both kinds of Mystery Crate, meaning that you'll not only have to purchase more than on Mystery Crate to earn them all, but will also have to purchase both kinds of Mystery Crates and get lucky enough to receive those specific themed items in order to earn them. On the other hand, you can also head into the game's store, where most of these items are available to purchase outright with Ville Cash. Still, keep in mind that many of these items, even if they are available in the store, would technically be cheaper if you won them through these crates. Either way, we wish you the best of luck in receiving items that you want from these Mystery Crates!

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What do you think of the prizes in each of these kinds of Mystery Crates? Have you purchased any crates in your game? What prizes did you win inside? Sound off in the comments!

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