Moshi Monsters Village, Lost Islands bring the 'aww' to GREE this fall

Moshi Monsters Village
Moshi Monsters Village

The Moshi Monsters weren't satisfied with temporarily taking over iTunes, no. Now, they have to stake their claim of your mobile devices. GREE and franchise creator/developer Mind Candy have revealed the first details of the two Moshi Monsters games that are set to hit mobile devices this fall: Moshi Monsters Village and Moshi Monsters: Lost Islands.

The former (pictured) is a pseudo-3D town simulator that lets players create and manage their own town in the land of Pawberry Fields, with help from Dewy at the DIY store. All the while, players will have to rescue Moshlings from the evil Dr. Strangeglove through a number of mini games.

The latter, Moshi Monsters: Lost Islands, is card collection and a puzzle game bundled into one. Players combine cards and create decks tailored for specific puzzles. (We're kind of foggy on how it will all work out, too.) Aside from the card-meets-puzzle play hook, players will also collect said Moshi card characters while exploring mysterious new islands in the Moshi universe.

You can imagine (or hope) that both games, like almost all GREE games, will be free-to-play. You may have had your doubts about GREE before, but you may as well consider those addressed, thanks to a gaggle of loud-mouthed adorable critters. Who woulda thunk?

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