Frogger Frenzy brings free, frenetic pinball action to iPhone and iPad

Frogger Frenzy iOS
Frogger Frenzy iOS

You freaky Frogger fans, you. Your insatiable appetite for more Frogger is to blame for this. Konami has unleashed its Facebook take on the iconic gaming franchise, Frogger Pinball, on iOS devices. Dubbed simply Frogger Frenzy, fans of the famous green gaming icon can take their pinball on the go and enjoy a few new additions to the strange tribute to all things Frogger.

The iOS version of Frogger Pinball Frenzy introduces some new, unique stages, special play modes and Facebook Connect support for those that want to compete with their social network buddies. In a release, Konami touts 3D, HD graphics and realistic physics across three tables: Swamp, City and Space Station.

Probably the most interesting feature for Frogger fans is that when players unlock an achievement or power-up on their iOS device or Facebook, it will show up on the other platform through Facebook Connect. Well, that and the fact that the game is free--that helps.

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