FarmVille Lost & Found: Search your farms with this new tool

If you're like many veteran FarmVille players, you likely loose track of specific buildings, animals or trees that you've placed on your farms over the past months or even years (specifically in the case of your Home Farm). If that's the case, a new feature will now allow you to stop searching everywhere for that one item that you're missing, and simply jump straight to it in a matter of seconds. The feature? It's called Lost & Found.

As this feature rolls around to our farms, we'll be able to click on a new "Search" button in the game's menu by clicking on Gift Box icon and then clicking on Search (it has a dog icon). From there, you can start typing in the name of the item you're looking to find, and the game will search throughout your entire farm, but only the farm that you're currently on (that is, you can't search for something in Winter Wonderland while in your Jade Falls farm, as an example).

If any items (animals, building parts, trees, etc.) match your search term, you'll see a list of options for how to find them. Say you're searching for a "Chicken." You might have Chickens in your Gift Box as well as on your current farm, so the Lost & Found menu will give you the option of either sorting your Gift Box to show you those Chickens or jumping straight to their location(s) on your farm. If you choose to "Show" the item on your farm, it will show up highlighted for your reference. If the item is in your Gift Box or Storage Building, it will tell you that too.

Ultimately, this feature is best for hoard ---err, collectors that have hundreds of different items that may look similar or may simply be small and get lost behind other items. It's a great way to see what you have and where, but the feature might not be necessary for everyone's use. Still, we're not complaining.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

Have you tried this new Lost & Found feature on your farm(s) yet? Have you had success finding items, or does the search not actually show you the items you're hoping to find? Sound off in the comments!