Are Retailers Ready to Rebound?

In the past few months, there's been weakness in the retail space because of early holiday spending, but recent strength in the space indicates a return to the norm for U.S. retailers. That's good news, and the domestic retail environment is still the place to be. Retailers that have the most international exposure are seeing the most weakness right now. If you're looking to invest, take a look at Macy's, Costco, and Home Depot. They are all well-run and heavily U.S.-focused retailers that Austin likes today.

The best part about investing in the retail space is that we, the 99%, have even better information than the Wall Street fat cats do about which companies are performing well. These are just a few picks that Austin likes from the retail space, but there are three even better ones staring us right in the face. Our new free report,"Middle-Class Millionaire-Makers: 3 Stocks Wall Street's Too Rich to Notice," highlights three less-than-luxurious stocks the 1% may be overlooking. Just click here to uncover these three top recommendations now.

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