Puerto Rico's UFO Home (House of the Day)

UFO House Puerto Rico
UFO House Puerto Rico

A lot of homes are out of this world -- but this one really looks it.

Retired industrial arts teacher Roberto Sanchez Rivera built his home in Ponce, Puerto Rico, to look like a spaceship, complete with blinking strobes, technicolor lights and even audio effects. Yes, that's right: The UFO-inspired house makes the five-tone beep greeting that the mothership makes in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." (Rivera downloaded it from the internet.)

And building it didn't take a NASA-sized budget, either. Turns out that the entire home was a huge DIY effort. The spaceship's dome was made from dollar-store ashtrays, the psychedelic light fixtures at its base were fashioned from salad bowls and the interior decor was made from old utensils, pots and pans!

If the flying saucer-style design doesn't appeal to you so much, no worries. The home's interiors are a little less ... celestial. See for yourself in the gallery below.

So why build a spaceship out of odds and ends in the first place? It was a promise that Rivera made to himself in high school to build a house "unlike any other," he tells The New York Times.

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