Pioneer Trail Gigantic Homestead Expansion Goals: Everything you need to know


Way back in February, Pioneer Trail players were able to expand their Homesteads to the "43x43" Monumental Homestead size, but they've been waiting ever since to make their land any larger. With the dozens of goals, buildings and other features that are released every month or even every week, it's a surprise how anyone has been able to balance everything on the limited amount of space they have available, but we'll finally be able to receive more land via the launch of the Gigantic Homestead, bringing us to 45x45.

There are plenty of goals to go along with the launch of this Gigantic Homestead, and we're here with a guide to show you how to complete them and earn that new land as quickly as possible!

Bulk Up

  • Ask your friends for 10 Clearin Tools

  • Harvest 90 Tomatoes

  • Craft 10 Snack Satchels

Snack Satchels are earned by combining Snack Mix (ask friends) with Leather Satchels, which drop randomly when tending Adult Cows on your Homestead. You'll earn 250 XP, 250 coins and five Lemon Trees for finishing this goal.

Marking Territory

  • Harvest 120 Lemon Trees

  • Collect 15 Survey Authorizations

  • Chop Pine Trees 200 Times

Rewards: 500 XP, 500 coins, 5 Lemon Mint crops

Clearing Foxes

  • Clobber 7 Foxes

  • Clear 50 Grass

  • Craft 10 Fox Snares

Fox Snares are created using Trap Sticks (drop from Oak Trees that aren't saplings) and Meat Hooks (ask friends). You'll receive 750 XP, 750 coins and an Ultimate Chili for finishing this goal.

True Line

  • Tend 150 Adult sheep

  • Craft 10 Survey Tripods

  • Collect 25 Board Flags from Friends

The Survey Tripods are created using Wood Poles (drop from Apple Trees) and Viewin' Scopes (ask friends). You'll receive 1,000 XP, 1,000 coins and three Coffee Trees for completing this goal.

Official Business

  • Collect 5 Daily Bonuses from the Land Office

  • Harvest 50 Apple Trees

  • Craft 15 Scythes

Scythes are created using Long Blades (ask friends) and Branch Handles (drop from Peach Trees). If you can't find your Land Office (since it's been so long since you've likely even looked at it), remember that you might have stored it away in your Emporium. Once you complete this goal, you'll receive 1,500 XP and a Totem Poles decoration. After this point, you'll be able to actually unlock the Gigantic Homestead, which costs 8 Land Grants.

If you don't see these goals upon entering your Homestead, remember that you must have unlocked the Monumental Expansion first. If you already have and still don't see these goals, try looking inside your Land Office to see if you can activate them manually, or simply wait a bit longer for them to roll around to your game naturally. Good luck finishing them all off!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of these newest expansion goals in Pioneer Trail? Are you happy to finally see extra land being added to the game for free, or had you finally found a nice balance using the land that was already available? Let us know in the comments!