FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 11 Goals: Everything you need to know


Normally, goal series that are specific to a single farm in FarmVille end after Chapter 10 (or even earlier), but we've been treated to an additional set of goals in FarmVille's Jade Falls that will reward you with new animals, decorations and more for completing them. As of right now, you might not be able to see these goals on all of your farms, but this is a known bug that Zynga is currently trying to fix. While you wait for everything to get back to normal, check out our guide to completing these goals, so that you can plan ahead for when things get back on track.

Hopping Right Into It

  • Get 6 Swamp Pads

  • Harvest 10 Azuki

  • Make Egg Rolls Twice

Rewards: 50 ZP, Asian Grass Frog, 425 Jade Coins

Like a Lady

  • Get 8 Lady Beetles

  • Harvest 30 Lotus

  • Harvest Asian Grass Frog 2 Times

Rewards: 100 ZP, Lady Bug Costume (for your avatar), 850 Jade Coins

Easy to Catch Dragons

  • Get 8 Japanese Dragonflies

  • Harvest 30 Wasabi

  • Make Oolong Tea 3 Times

Rewards: 150 ZP, Dragonfly Pond, 1,275 Jade Coins

Buzzing Around

  • Get 8 Japanese Bees

  • Harvest 35 Jade Peanuts

  • Make Ikura Nigiri 4 Times

Rewards: 200 ZP, Mussaendra Bush, 1,700 Jade Coins

Butterfly High

  • Get 9 Paper Butterflies

  • Harvest 25 Lowland Ginger

  • Improve Imperial Shipyard to Stage 5

Rewards: 300 ZP, Butterfly Kite, 2,125 Jade Coins

One Final Bug Baiting

  • Get 10 Lizard Nets

  • Master Asian Grass Frog to 2 Stars

  • Make Thai Tea 4 Times

As of this writing, there's an error with this particular goal that results in you being required to harvest the Asian Grass Frog far more times than possible within the time limit in order to reach two-stars. The developer is working on a fix as we speak. When you do finally finish this final goal in Chapter 6, you'l receive 250 ZP, a Flying Dragon Lizard and 4,250 Jade Coins.

These goals will be available for the next week (seven days, to be exact), but if you do finish them before your time is up, you can repeat them for extra prizes along the way. Good luck completing these goals (and dealing with Zynga's issues)!

[Via: Zynga]

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