FarmVille Elements Items: Match Stick Tree, Fire Castle and more


While the latest release of Peace & Love items in FarmVille might contain plenty of colorful, groovy items, don't forget about the new Elements theme that has also been launched in the store, giving you a chance to purchase items based on natural elements like fire and water. Here's a complete look at the currently available Elements items, which will be in the store for the next 9-11 days.


Fire Ball Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Match Stick Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Water Sphere Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Water Droplet Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Steel Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Steel Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Gemstone Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Gemstone Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Earth Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Water Sheep - 16 Farm Cash
Fire Dragon - 20 Farm Cash
Crystal Rooster - 18 Farm Cash
Earth Horse - 26 Farm Cash


Fire Castle - 14 Farm Cash


Canyon - 6 Farm Cash
Metal Windmill - 30,000 coins
Mini Mountain - 8 Farm Cash
Fire Fountain - 10 Farm Cash
Crystal Path - 6,000 coins
Water Crystal - 12 Farm Cash
Wind Chime - 100,000 coins
Ring of Fire (Water Only) - 2 Farm Cash

Again, these items will either be available for nine days or 11 days, so you'll need to look in the bottom left corner of each item's listing in the store to know how much time you have left to purchase Farm Cash or earn coins to purchase them. If additional Elements items launch in the game's store, we'll make sure to let you know. Stay tuned!

What do you think of these many items in the Elements theme in FarmVille? Will you create a special themed area for these items on one of your farms, or will you try to incorporate them into your overall farm designs? Let us know in the comments!