ChefVille Cheats & Tips: Remove flooring to spawn more ingredients


If there's one thing we really love about Zynga's newest Facebook game ChefVille, it's the amount of customization players are offered when designing their restaurants. Not only can we design the basic shapes of our restaurant by placing our own walls, but we can also remove items that were given to us at the beginning and redesign them based on our own needs. However, with that freedom comes a bit of a confusing setup when it comes to removing / moving flooring tiles (especially as it relates to wild onions and mushrooms that spawn at random in the grass), so we're here with a guide to help you master that element of the game!

When you head into the game's edit screen, as though you were going to move a piece of furniture, you can attempt to click on a piece of flooring, but won't be able to move it. These pieces of flooring aren't static however, as you'll simply need to click on the small "Edit Floor" button in the bottom left corner of the game's menu. It might be obvious to some, but its small size and out-of-the-way location make it a bit hidden to those who don't know it's there.

Once you click on this button, the world will go transparent, with your restaurant's walls, tables and appliances fading away, allowing you to really see the flooring underneath. From there, you can click on a single piece of flooring to place it in your inventory, sell it or even rotate it, changing the direction of the grain in wood flooring, as an example. This rotation feature alone can completely change the look of your restaurant's kitchen or seating area, all for the low price of free.

To once again edit the location of appliances, walls, windows and other decorations, you'll simply click on the Edit Floor button in the corner to revert your game to its original view. What this ultimately means is that you can free up a ton of space outside your restaurant by simply moving the milk truck or the shops around (to make them stand closer together) and then delete the street and sidewalks to claim more grass for the spawning of wild onions or mushrooms. All of these elements not only allow you to further customize the look of your game, but they help increase your supply of ingredients to cook many of the game's dishes. It's a win-win situation, and we'll make sure to bring you more tips in ChefVille at a. Stay tuned!

What do you think of the wild onion and mushroom feature in ChefVille? Did you realize you could remove the driveway that came with the Milk Truck? Sound off in the comments!