CastleVille Home Brewing Quests: Everything you need to know


A friendly green fairy by the name of Gelsey has just arrived in your Kingdom in CastleVille, and she brings with her a new Pixie Kettle and the ability create magical potions in your Kingdom. Of course, she also comes with quests to complete, which is where we come in. Here's a look at completing the four Home Brewing Quests that are now available in the game!

Fairy Potter

  • Place the Pixie Kettle

Rewards: 2,000 coins, 40 XP

Fairy Alchemy

  • Pop the Purple Fairy Bubble

  • Brew 1 Minor XP Potion

The Purple Fairy Bubble will appear at random in your Kingdom as soon as you're ready to start this quest. As for the Minor XP Potion, this one takes 22 hours to create by default using the Pixie Kettle, but you can ask your friends to help "stir" the kettle to upgrade the potion before time runs out. In this case, your Minor XP Potion could become a Strong XP Potion with just two additional stirs, as an example. For completing this quest, you'll earn 2,000 coins and 40 XP.

Fairy Friendship

  • Brew 1 Strong Potion

Speaking of Strong Potions, you'll need to brew a single Strong Potion for the third quest, so make sure to ask your friends for help in doing so. You'll earn another 2,000 coins and 40 XP for completing this quest.

Stirring the Pot

  • Pop a Yellow Fairy Bubble

Rewards: 2,000 coins, 40 XP

While these quests are incredibly simple, they ultimately serve as an introduction to the Home Brewing feature, which gives you a chance to craft energy and XP potions, along with those that work to speed up crafting times or even find potions. Here's a rundown of the available potions, the amount of stirs needed to reach them, and their final rewards, straight from Zynga.

Energizer Potion Level 1 - Rewards 2 Energy
Energizer Potion Level 2 - 3 Stirs Required - Rewards 6 Energy
Energizer Potion Level 3 - 7 Stirs Required - Rewards 12 Energy
Energizer Potion Level 4 - 9 Stirs Required - Rewards 20 Energy

Hypercrafter Potion Level 1 - Speeds Up Crafting by 30 Minutes
Hypercrafter Potion Level 2 - 4 Stirs Required - Speeds up Crafting by 3 Hours
Hypercrafter Potion Level 3 - 9 Stirs Required - Speeds up Crafting by 8 Hours
Hypercrafter Potion Level 4 - 12 Sitrs Required - Speeds Up Crafting by 24 Hours

Treasure Potion Level 1 - Rewards 100 Coins and 1 Crystal Shard
Treasure Potion Level 2 - 3 Stirs Required - Rewards 500 coins and 3 Shards, 20% chance of bonus items
Treasure Potion Level 3 - 6 Stirs Required - Rewards 1,500 coins and 5 Shards, 20% chance of bonus items
Treasure Potion Level 4 - 8 Stirs Required - Rewards 3,000 coins and 7 Shards, 20% chance of bonus items

XP Potion Level 1 - Rewards 5 XP
XP Potion Level 2 - 2 Stirs Required - Rewards 30 XP
XP Potion Level 3 - 5 Stirs Required - Rewards 60 XP
XP Potion Level 4 - 7 Stirs Required - Rewards 100 XP

Hopefully, Gelsey won't disappear from our Kingdoms so quickly, and we'll make sure to let you know if she has anything else to offer as soon as we learn more.

What do you think of these potion recipes in CastleVille? Will you work on XP potions to quickly level up, or will you concentrate on creating Hypercrafter potions to speed up your progress in other quests? Sound off in the comments!