The Sims Social: Claim free birthday items for your pad!

The Sims Social on Facebook is turning one, and to celebrate, Playfish is offering a variety of free items to players via the game's Facebook fan page. These items might be decorations or future, free energy or collectibles, so you'll want to follow along with the page throughout the next week or so, until the prizes go back to normal.

If you haven't been keeping track, players have already been given couches, bookshelves and more, but we're here with a quick wrap up, allowing you to claim all of these items before it's too late!

Click here to claim a free Lucky Couch --->

Click here to claim free Birthday Candles --->

Click here to claim a free Coalism Cabinet --->

Click here to claim free Birthday Cards --->

Click here to claim a "Jaws of Poop" Toilet --->

Click here to claim a free Venus Vanity Stand --->

It's very likely that additional prizes will be given away before the birthday celebration ends, so make sure to head over to the Sims Social Facebook Fan Page at least once per day to score any new freebies, and keep checking back with us for more o the Sim Social's birthday blowout!

What do you think of these free items in Sims Social? Which one is your favorite thus far? Sound off in the comments!