SimCity Social Luxury Living Quests: Everything you need to know

A group of rich characters have come to your town in SimCity Social, asking you to create a high-class retreat for them in the middle of your city (which is likely full of sports items, due to the recent SimCity Championships event). This comes via a series of five new quests called Luxury Living, which are available to complete in your town for the next 12 days. We're here with a complete guide on finishing these quests, so let's get started!

Felicity's a Country Member

  • Have 5 Businesses

  • Upgrade a Business to 3 Stars

  • Collect from a 3-Star Business

If you already had a 3-Star Business in your town, this will automatically be "checked" for you, meaning that you won't have to build and upgrade another. Finishing this first quest gives you 250 Simoleons, 10 XP and a Country Club for your town.

How Could We Forget?

  • Build the Country Club

  • Eject the Down at Heel 3 Times

The Country Club is quite a large building, requiring six energy to build. You'll need to finish it by collecting quite a few building materials: five Ticket Stubs, one Wrath, five Community, one Bliss, three Holiday Snapshots and two BBQs. These items are earned by asking your friends for them, or you can earn them by interacting with buildings in your own town or those of friends. Of course, that latter method depends on luck. Once you've completed the construction of the Country Club, you'll need to click on it and choose the Eject option to complete the quest. You'll receive 500 Simoleons and 10 XP for finishing this one.

Silver Service

  • Upgrade the Country Club to 1 Star

  • Have Two 3-Star Attractions

  • Produce 2,000 Materials

Rewards: 1,000 Simoleons and 10 XP

Social Climber

  • Upgrade the Country Club to 2 Stars

  • Perform 10 Twin City Actions

  • Visit 5 Neighbors

If you haven't created a Twin City in the game yet, this comes in the form of one of your in-game neighbors. You'll need to request to be their Twin City and then have that request accepted before you can complete tasks for this quest. From then on, you'll know which city is your Twin City based on its blue coloring in the friends bar at the bottom of the screen. You'll earn three Architectural Pizzazz and five XP for finishing this quest.

A Royal Visit

  • Upgrade the Country Club to 3 Stars

  • Produce 25,000 Simoleons

  • Have 5 3-Star Attractions

Needless to say, this entire quest series is quite time consuming and will likely be difficult to complete within the 12 day time limit (so much for SimCity Social not becoming work). If you can finish this final quest in time, however, you'll receive the Elite Swimming Pool, an admittedly beautiful item that you can then place in your town or store for future use.

We wish you the best of luck in completing these five quests in the time you have remaining!

[Via: Playfish Forums]

What do you think of these Luxury Living quests in SimCity Social? Do you think you'll have enough time to complete them all in your game, or will you even try? Sound off in the comments!

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