SimCity Social Bilderbob Group Quests: Everything you need to know

For all of the luxurious content we've already seen in SimCity Social over the past few days, there's still one more (at least) themed feature up Playfish and EA's collective sleeves: the Bilderbob Group quests. There are a whopping 11 quests in this series, but if you can finish them off, you'll receive the Luxury Factory as your final reward. Unlike the final prize of the Luxury Living Quests, the Elite Swimming Pool, this Luxury Factory isn't available to purchase in the store (as of this writing), so you'll need to finish these quests to earn it. Here's a guide to finishing them off, straight from the Playfish Forums.

Bilderbob Bonanza!

  • Build the Martini Glass Fountain

  • Build the Local Bank

  • Produce 1,500 Simoleons

The Local Bank and Glass Fountain are available to purchase in the store for 9,000 and 5,200 Simoleons each, respectively. The Local Bank requires two building materials to finish, even after you've spent those Simoleons. You'll earn five XP and three Business Cards for finishing this quest.

Move Up or Move Out

  • Build a new Business

  • Have 20 Level 2 Homes

  • Host a Sophisticated Soiree

You'll need to click on the Mayor's House to host the Soiree, and you can save money by purchasing a cheap business, even if it's a duplicate, to finish off this quest. You'll earn 250 Simoleons and five XP for doing so.

Everyone Love Big Balls

  • Pick Up A Ball Gown

  • Practice the Waltz 3 Times

  • Have a Holiday Snapshot

The Holiday Snapshot is a collectible item that you'll earn at random by interacting with landmarks or attractions, or you can simply ask your friends to send you one. The Ball Gown, meanwhile, is earned by clicking on a Boutique (either in your town or a friends) and clicking on "Purchase Ball Gown." Finally, the Waltz can be performed at City Plazas, but again, you can use those of your friends if you'd rather spend "bonus" energy instead of your own. You'll earn 250 Simoleons and five XP for completing this quest.

You Shall Not Go to the Ball

  • Build a Giant Ruby Statue

  • Get 5 Diamond Polish

  • Cyberstalk Bilderbob Members 3 Times

The Giant Ruby Statue costs 28,000 Simoleons in the store, and Diamond Polish can be "purchased" by clicking on Supermarkets and then clicking on "Buy Diamond Polish." Finally, you'll Cyberstalk the Bilderbob Members via a task on your Mayor's House. Your rewards for this quest? Another 250 Simoleons and five XP.

Conspiracy Theorists

  • Meet Pufferfish

  • Converge with the Warlock

  • Rendezvous with Ibtissame

While this sounds complicated, you'll really simply need to interact with three different buildings to complete this quest: the Lover's Lake, the Graveyard and an Office Tower. If you don't have any of these buildings (or are missing one or two), remember to use Don's Town as a freebie, since he has them all. You'll earn 500 Simoleons and five XP for completing this quest.

What Would Woodward Do?

  • Collect from 20 Businesses

  • Collect 5 Investments

  • Investigate Disappearing Goats

The Investments are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the Disappearing Goats task can be finished by interacting with Animal Farms. You'll receive just five XP and two Business Savvy for completing this quest.

Look Busy!

  • Have a 1-Star Local Bank

  • Collect from the 1-Star Local Bank

  • Uncover 5 Listening Bugs

You can search for Listening Bugs by clicking on your friends' Mayor's Houses. Meanwhile, the Local Bank requires four Business Cards and one Investment to upgrade, along with around 1,000 Materials. You'll receive 500 Simoleons and five XP for completing this quest.

Wired for Sound

  • Receive Waiter Training 3 Times

  • Have a 1-Star Police Station

  • Get a Wire Fitted

You'll need to click on an Oasis Tower (either in your city or those of your friends) and click on "Start Waiter Training" to complete this first task. The Wire Fitting takes place at your Police Station. You'll earn 1,000 Simoleons and 5 XP for completing this quest.

Undercover Mayor

  • Collect from a Farmer's Market 5 Times

  • Gather 5 Lunchboxes

  • Produce 2,000 Materials

The Lunchboxes are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. You'll receive five XP and three Safety Awards for finishing this quest.

Operation Goat: Z

  • Finish the Country Club

  • Sneak around the Drawing Room

  • Find a Secret Passage

The Country Club is earned when you start working on the Luxury Living quests in your game. You'll need quite a few items to actually build it, ranging from Ticket Stubs to Bliss and Wrath, but you can ask your friends for most of the items you might be missing. Once you've finished it, the other two tasks for this quest can be completed by clicking on the Country Club itself. You'll receive 5,000 Simoleons and five XP for finishing this one.

Hush Money

  • Collect a Bilderbob Treasure Chest

  • Ask friends for a Bilderbob Key

The Treasure Chest can be earned by clicking on your Mayor's House, while you'll simply need to ask a single friend for a key to finish this final quest. You'll earn 20,000 Simoleons and 25 XP for finishing it, alongside the Luxury Factory for your town. The Luxury Factory produces 694 Materials once every 16 hours at its base, non-upgraded level.

While many of these quests require you to have some rather high-level or high-population items in your town, remember that you can visit your friends to see if they have the buildings necessary to complete these quests "for free." There's a ton of work ahead of you to complete these quests, and you might need to rush to complete them all within the 12 day time limit, but at least you'll receive something exclusive at the end. Is the Luxury Factory worth all of this work? You tell us!

Well, what do you think? Will you try to complete this long quest series so that you can earn the Luxury Factory, or are you fine missing out on this one building if it saves you the time of completing these quests? Sound off in the comments!

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