Totally Useless Listing Photos (Listing Fails)


As #houseporn fiends and real estate junkies, there's nothing we love more than poring through fabulous home listings -- except maybe sorting through the tragically un-fabulous ones. They'll definitely make you laugh, and some of them could make you cry. Every week, AOL Real Estate brings you the sorriest listings we could find on the Internet to show you what you should never do when posting your home online. We very appropriately call it #listingfail.

This Week's Theme: Useless Listings

listing fail useless photos
listing fail useless photos

We've written plenty about private islands for sale, so take our word for it when we say that this one does not classify. Though we love the idea of living on the water, this is definitely not what we had in mind. As cute as it is, what is the point of this listing?

listing fail useless photos
listing fail useless photos

We're not sure what this owner is trying to do: Show off her stone kitchen countertop? Her manicure? Subtly hint that she's drowning in bills, so could someone kindly buy her home?

Here's a useful tip, homeowners: Your photographs should say something about your home. The only thing this sorry, nonsensical photograph says is #listingfail.

listing fail useless photos
listing fail useless photos

You know, we hate to break it to these homeowners, but this ain't a wood floor. And even if it was, we'd generally advise against scrawling the description on the ground in red marker. We understand your concern that potential buyers could mistake the "wood floor" for (gasp!) laminate (or cardboard?), but that's what photo captions are for, people!

Lesson of the day: Do not draw on your house.

listing fail useless photos
listing fail useless photos

You can almost feel this homeowner silently begging: "I broke my leg and I'm bedridden. Please buy my house!" Well, that's the only reason we could come up with as to why in the world this utterly useless photograph made the listing's extensive gallery. Crutches don't sell houses, people! Hot naked people do.

For more hilarious, useless #listingfails, see the gallery below.


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