Saving on Bathroom Essentials

Savings Experiment: Vitamins The cost of bathroom essentials can add up quickly, so knowing where to shop is key. Here, our experts head to three major retailers to find out which one offers the best bargain on bathroom basics.

First, a list of bathroom essentials was compiled. This included, towels, a bathmat, a shower curtain, a toothbrush, soap, toilet paper and more. The Savings Experiment team then went to Kmart, Target and Walmart to purchase the same items. The shopping list cost a total of $130.03 at Kmart, while the items were $118.35 at Target. However, Walmart came in as the clear money-saver. All of the items totaled just $84.64 there.

The items made for Walmart's private brand, Mainstays, offered the best deal, but if you're looking to splurge on quality, Target is the place for you. Its Room Essentials brand received high marks for colors and prints, and its towel line is made of thicker terry cloth fabric, which is softer, more absorbent and dries faster.

Bathroom accessoriesSo, when stocking up on bathroom essentials on a budget, head to Walmart for the best deals. If you're okay with spending a little more, shop Target for quality items. Your home and your wallet will thank you.
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